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Managed by Pros Property Management

Thank you for considering Managed by Pros as your Property Manager for one of your most important assets – your investment rental property. We know that turning your property over to the care of professional property manager is a big step. We are confident that with our experience and professionalism, your property will be well taken care of and you will enjoy well-deserved Peace of Mind regarding your real estate investments.

For your convenience, we have outlined for you below detailed information about Managed by Pros and how our Property Management and Leasing services can make owning your rental property easy and stress-free.

Benefits of Managed by Pros Property Management

  • Automated Rent Collections & Payments
  • We provide you with detailed monthly statements via e-mail or mail
  • Aggressive Marketing Techniques
  • Your proceeds are electronically credited to your bank account through ACH
  • Minimized Vacancy & Turn over
  • Reserves Kept on Hand for Maintenance
  • Property Maintenance Follow Up
  • Detailed Inspection Reports
  • Most Tenants Rent More Than 2 Years
  • Our rigorous tenant screening assists in finding better tenants

We are not just “rent collectors”, we are your property manager, and we earn our fees each month.

  • We take pictures of the property before move in and at move out
  • Rents are due on the first and late after the fifth
  • We personally call all tenants owing rent after the 5th
  • We send 3 Day Notices to Vacate if rent not received by the 10th
  • We attend all court proceedings on your behalf if necessary
  • We enforce all provisions of the lease
  • We handle maintenance and emergency repairs, allowing you to sleep at night.
  • We handle all Home Owners correspondence and/or violations
  • We have a third party perform a walk through property report on all our homes at least once a year and provide written reports with pictures

If you are looking for the best property management company to either find you an investment property and/or manage your investment property or home in the Bay Area, you have come to the right place.